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of greed and man
Geschrieben von: jan@jacobs-ladder.de   
Montag, 23. Mai 2011 um 18:53 Uhr

Old man, say what are you searching for?
down where they all just struggle to survive
ain't noone, there's no helping hand
you are welcome
to the dark side of the rich man's land

There they live and there they die
just turn around and than forget
it's the lesson you've to learn
once you have the scum there met
all that you must realize
is to separate- you just have to close your eyes
before it is too late
down below in dust and waste
don't look into their eyes
they ain't worth a look to see
the products of your lifes
for if your way should lead you there
prepare youreself- ignore!
they live of what you throw away
and they did before!

of greed and man!
have you ever seen the beggar in the streets
telling you of times ago
telling you of deeds
telling you of things that noone ever listened to
telling you of times, your time is due!

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